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Another sticky thread....yeeaaahhhh!!' G! n% q/ N' U+ v9 _' F+ B' S

5 H  ^+ _7 y/ }  v# {4 D7 [So a new event...this time, we're going to give everyone the chance to submit their own ideas of what Star Supremacy's storyline should be.  Be original. Be creative. Be clean. Be epic!  What should the game be about? What's the mission? The objective?5 C. l  a2 J+ o! s

7 X7 n$ y3 `2 `( BSubmissions should be posted up on this thread and will be voted on after one week.  The winning entry will be incorporated into the game, website, and press materials.
+ V+ n6 X/ k8 j5 z  D- |3 P1 b) g* v" z
Here's your chance to shine and help the game grow!# [7 l" ~+ d7 |/ f: q5 M

- X. l6 t5 D9 j/ o! A7 }Event is now closed but thread is still open for the time being

Some Tips to help. It definitely need Scary NPC bosses in this game with a proper story(The ships in instances just don't cut it). This will however change the in game tutorial into a more story line base with barbily on your side. Pirates, Raiders, Spies, Rebels, Non alliance beings, etc. How ever I did saw someone who had a non-human purple leader before that player never logged on ever again. Must be a hint of Alien. Alien bosses are also nice. The more further you go with your colony ship your alliance will face a more researched and stronger enemy. Look I don't want to go to SS and above just to fight with weak guys from instances. ' d) S: p2 T0 p3 X
I was thinking the more upgraded the colony ship is, the more you send it to other galaxies the more story it should grow.


I was thinking we should have some new story quests every military ranking. If Star Supremecy size is increase. I say increase maximum MXP requirement for Military Ranking Up. Also a neat idea is have planet specific side quests if you build a base there. Faction specific side quest is also nice for special resource planets. After that it would also be nice to add "achievements" after a mega update on story.
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Have you tried hosting this event on other SS websites?* i' A3 \8 \' g& |/ b8 I) _5 `2 @

1 I9 @5 p6 K* d% Z: f7 y. d0 ^) D5 @* WI'll try my best as I'm probably the only one on.  Lets start of with Seekers. "Also remember different faction different ending makes the game have a good replay value."
) _" x# p4 p* K+ ?" q6 p! @! fThe SS planets are at war. Seekers who are entrapped in a war zone against Pirates and Aliens. Have to be Escorted out in the new team battle(makes it harder as you have one space to have someone join you, it is kind of co-op if you think about). Seekers however is more busy against the Pirates. After Seekers alliance with Altairian in defeating the Pirates(lvl 50 hostile planets), an unknown hostile Aliens starts attacking all three faction(lvl 60+ hostile planets). Consider the Pirates and Pirate King are out of the way. Seekers and many other faction are calling a cease fire to do a counter attack and figure where the attack is coming from. Seekers under attack by UEO decides to join into the fight due to peace treaty with Altairian. After UEO is destroy and their evil leader is rid of, Seekers finds out the reason for rebellion wasn't for peace but another cruel scheme to destroy everyone's freedom and peace. Seekers are then secretly back stabbed by Altairian declares war against Altairian faction.
, ?0 C4 ]. o8 v, x) y2 |* L# z) \# B( F/ P8 z( K/ \$ {
UEO Story: A rebellion has started in UEO. The faction called themselves Altairian. UEO and Altarian are at war even battling pirates and raiders(lvl 40 planets = raider), however they are in a peace treaty for now against a non-human force. An alien faction in the higher level SS. Once Altairian or UEO finish fighting the common enemies they go back to war with each other in a faction specific quests. Altairian Sabotaging UEO bases and infiltration.  Seekers deem themselves neutral in the war.
# R  h6 i* t8 H: e+ V4 d4 _! HUEO finds out the Seekers are helping Altairians and starts a war with Seekers. (probably lvl 75+ planet?) Altairians and Seekers are round up into their last stand(lvl 90+ planets?) Defeat is not an option for them as they go all out.
: U6 z3 X7 Y' c  ~& C1 n- G3 N" G/ \) u& Q/ F& Z
Altairian Story:, N; w$ O* z  U8 G
Altairians at first losing the battle against UEO flees and asks Seekers for help. Seekers in the midst of battling pirates and raiders agree on an alliance against pirates. However UEO is becoming a bigger threat breaking through Altairians defense into Seekers territory. Altairian demands help from Seeker as alliance. Seeker did not help untl UEO attacks Seeker for protecting Altairians. Seeker decides to join forces against the ruthless UEO nation and it's leader. After UEO is defeated. Seekers decides to take chances on Altairian as ruthlessly rebel against Seekers treaty of peace.


Also would be nice to have unknown danger level hostile planets for fun. Achievements and Mini quests, I can imagine an alliance grouping up because they are getting their butts kicked.  I read the wiki for Star Supremecy, it sure helped me start off.
3 E# k! C' V+ G, AWe should also have an Arena planet too. Just pure obliterating just for the heck of it. Pure PVP on that planet nothing else other than raiding super high level resources(No Rule planet basicly, not even restrict).


Note: That my story quest idea is against NPC/PVE only(as a way to keep players into the game and have something to do). Planet competition, PVP, other players faction should not get affected. Ideally for higher colony ship level fragments in higher planet level is to keep high ranking players away from the lower rank zone and prevent suppression for high rank players from ruining the game(like what is happening now).
% H) F. I) r2 }0 ~. h; a2 l
0 ^% {. C: l8 V# ?Since there was an update on only able to attack 3 higher of lower player(I get how that works, but nothing is stopping the high ranks from blocking the Space fortresses for fragment). ' Y/ o4 ?2 O: L6 _" d. S+ f
It made me come up with the idea of an Arena planet every SS sector(No rank restriction) Bonus Space Fortresses to fight. (Arena planets give random fragments unlike the normal planets to prevent easy access to upgrading colony ship). Arena planet should have a separate planet competition event(it is for all military rank). " A7 T/ a$ [7 A: J$ J0 B
On the other hand Normal Planet competition should be divided into certain military ranking depending on the SS sector level.
) M5 [% a' @: @) E- `9 e. d- n1 A! z7 V4 v
That way High ranking players can actually sell lower level blueprints in case a new alliance is hogging the space fortress and not moving on or someone who doesn't really want to attack but going for the Story(pay to beat the game). I think Arena planets should say Unidentified planet unlike Fertile, Nebula or Ring planet. There should be only 1 Arena planet in every SS sector. Except the starter zone which are the planets now. 1 j3 c6 ]( k& Z8 |- V% y$ B2 C

4 O+ ?0 }( c6 l6 Y  ~  {For Example SS lvl 35 gives level 2 blueprint fragments(Those are the planet that are opening soon, I also read the reviews about this game that it could be bigger which is true in order for this game to expand and last longer). ) X7 x6 }  {( Q9 L
SS lvl 40 give level 3 blueprint fragments. As you go further out you get higher level blueprints and higher military ranking competition(If your military ranking is too high you should get no planet bonus for normal planet).
% b, g8 w( \2 I8 D% X  `4 y. v1 h
/ Y$ H" M! U8 z- e- C3 }One Arena planet and 1-4(possible more) unknown danger lvl planet in one of the lvl 35 SS sectors. 1 Arena and 1(maybe more unknown danger lvl planets) in lvl 40 SS sector and so on. That way we get a total of 6+ Arena Planets.  Protection in Arena planets is x3 from start. This doesn't mean remove Arena(Arena is still needed if the person wants to speed rank).- {3 o7 l) j0 A2 [; o
6 K- ?1 K2 p- k6 Q) N. g
As for the story quest you can have special story quest bases all over the planet even something like Pirates Space Fortress(This is why I suggest make all the planet bigger for more room for this and resources). You can only go in if your quest is active. Team based quest is also nice(This game will then have co-op and attract a lot more players, it is a strategy game anyways).


My god I wonder where everyone is? Are there no good story writers?


I talked to MacHawk about this in game how it seems my story kind of doesn't make sense in the game. So I decided to add a couple of ending to make sense. You are the "Rebel" in the game.7 b( }+ i0 S+ S

$ _6 t; D$ k% D# K2 C! ASeekers story: After the defeat of UEO and Altairian Evil Leadership with UEO and Altarian rebels. Seekers have finally found peace with two empires UEO and Altairian. The Seeker leader passed away after the war. Most Seekers rebel against the new leader as they found out the new leader took over by back stabbing the old leader. The new leader hides in his anti-planet base as he is losing the war. You are warned that the base must destroyed at all cost and it is armed with Ion cannons that can destroy planets. Note: Base should be boss like and heavily armed(+health bar).
" g  M9 C/ _3 d6 I* W; z$ S$ y' S( o
) ^# F+ g/ g% n+ T; Y" [0 B4 G0 eUEO story: With the defeat of Altarian leaders and Seekers leaders. UEO leader decides to send heavily armed Dreadnaught like planet destroyer ships(lots of anti projectile) to finish the job. Many UEO rebeled against the cruel dictatorship with a few surviving Altarian and Seekers. In order to bring peace and justice to all 3 nation.
0 }" l( c5 E. y2 T1 r, O8 {& i# W( i* B* R0 z* `; M
Altarian Story: Almost the end of Seekers and UEO. A few Altarians rebeled against the traitorous leaders for lying about peace and freedom. The truth must be told to many Altairians. The Altairian leaders are on their last stand hiding within their shielded Motherships(anti-energy).
, e( e% G. ]$ u! @7 v: J- q
5 t, x8 W. ~9 E( RSo all 3 faction gets to fight different bosses in the end. How about that for replay value. Not when it comes to raider, pirate, alien bosses, etc. But still different quest on some parts to be faction specific.


I haven't sent out a press release about it (have to talk to our server guy about an smtp problem I'm having) and I need to tell our marketing manager to send out an in-game global message/announcement to everyone.% u0 T: w1 o- o
9 b7 H" N/ w/ D. e) }- @
I'm hoping people participate.  People always complain that the game lacks story and whatnot....


Does anyone know if the story-up-til-now is posted anywhere?  I have a few ideas, but I'd prefer to use what's out there now and not contradict it.  I could copy down all the instance text I suppose, but that would be extremely tedious. A list of key storyline characters and any background information on them to-date would come in very handy as well.
- _- G+ a( s" a/ b7 G7 O
- A5 W/ ]1 D0 q: x, W! D' n! r. i$ SI guess what I'm saying is, 'give me a framework, I'll give you a story'.


My god I wonder where everyone is? Are there no good story writers?
7 F; ~6 O' k8 S8 a& l8 j/ cmakemap Posted at 2012-7-7 22:09

4 W# E% f) N( D6 M
1 S. F  O9 V; t4 j: g2 [. U! _( `! DDon't take this the wrong way but they probably saw your third post and figured they'd just get lost in the wash anyways and decided not to bother.
% A# M* U$ P" o
- ]* h$ e. A% x8 Z* S" HNot that there is anything wrong with your posts (I wouldn't know because I don't read them) but we are talking about a game where after more than 6 months, no typos, bad grammar or inaccurate and misleading item descriptions have been fixed (something that would take one person a week or less to accomplish) and few people even bother to read those, the help system and find the storyline just to be another unecessary button that needs to be pushed to get through the instance.; W1 k. I( w1 N/ V7 K

! A! G- F' Z  @4 {9 }6 F% }- JHow do you think a storyline would fair? Those that don't read, don't care or don't want and those that do are already in great pain from attempting to read what's already in the game.5 a1 D3 |0 \0 |+ f+ c3 T3 ^
+ E5 t' g8 X' s' f' w& q1 ]
What's been put forward as storyline in the instance has already wandered away from the faction descriptions that we all used to begin our game.5 B( G, O1 \2 j- X

0 V8 d4 O9 v( n3 ^9 h: N( WAnother piece of advice for anyone that actually does write anything here and this comes from personal experience elsewhere. By posting it on Barbilys property (this site) it becomes Barbilys property and Barbily doesn't have to pay you for it, give you credit or acknowledge your existence.
7 p4 h- b5 d; e5 V# ~, L
) b/ A8 g  d! F+ w) E( ?; P) ]It doesn't matter how many bells and whistles that you add, it just won't cover up the clunking noises coming from under the hood or the smoke pouring out of the exhaust.


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