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Ship Design — Build your own and unique Star Ships. Get ready for the Wars
Trade Route — Gain resources and credits. Become the Star Millionaire.
Military Rank — Defeat powerful enemies, get Honor Points and become a Galaxy General.
Research — Research the powerful and mysterious alien technologies.
Planet Domination — To become the dominator of a planet with your alliance members.
Alliance War — Alliance cooperation! Let’s prepare for the incoming battle together.
Arena Competition — Testify your own army power and gain supreme honor.
Corsair Attack — Expel the Pirate King and explore the lost star supremacy treasure.
Colony Ship — Build the ultimate ships and explore the further universe.
Star Supremacy — Final Star Wars ! Get ready and win the final super rewards!
Ultimate Ship Recovery — Very powerful and Godlike item! Recover your lost ships after battle once.
Satellite Spy — Detect your opponent’s garrison fleets. Find easy way to win the battle.
Shield — A kind of powerful item that allows your colony to avoid from being attacked.
Armour — Increase the defense of ships by 20%.Use this item to defend your fleets.
Mega Ship Assembler — Speedup ship construction time for one hour, A way to quickly expand army.
Mega Engine — Speedup fleets arrival time by one hour, quickly attack and return.
Mega Research Boost — Decrease the research time for the current research topic by 3 hours.
Trade Boost — The credits income acquired from trade routes is increased by 20% in 24 hours.
Firepower — Increase the damage of ships by 20%.Use this item to give your opponent one dead shot.
Mega Energy Potion — Restore the energy of the assigned commander completely.
Pauljacksonusmc 15

 I love this type of game but the commander should level up automatically. Good game though!

Gladiatus16 10

 I must say I’m impressed this game is my dream game. I give it 5/5.

Puynsi 27

 Beautiful game ! I’ve been crawling around the net Searching for a game like this one!

Denninja 38

Pretty decent compared to the rest of this genre, I look forward to playing more.

Distracticus 18

 I appreciated seeing all the developer responses to our comments. Thanks for listening!

Natis1 29

 I like how balanced this game is, compared to other games that in high cost.

deathcommander27 25

hmm, similar to other games, but I like the space idea and good tutorial.

LordWolf208 6

I love the fact that the developers  respond to the posts. Love to play!    

abdalacorleon 34

A very good game. Please  keep the good work!     

fjedb 17

Just want to thank the developers and appreciate their great work.

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